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Tongue`N Cheek Super Absorbent PADS have been available from Hexagon since 2008. Hexagon recognised the uniqueness of the product and PADS have been sold in many countries since that time. We are committed to expanding sales worldwide and supporting the product and our dealers and customers.

Tongue’N Cheek® Dental PADS were developed  after feedback from dentists who were frustrated, constantly changing drenched, drippy cotton rolls mid-procedure. This cost precious time and money and  patients disliked them. They were uncomfortable. There had to be a better way to greater efficiency, better isolation and more comfort for  patients.

Before innovative Tongue’N Cheek® Dental PADs, most dentists learned to do dentistry with the cotton roll, dealing with  inadequacies. Now, it’s time for the old-fashioned cotton roll to go the way of amalgam.