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Super Absorbent Dental Pads

Tongue`N Cheek Super Absorbent  Pads (TNC 200) 

Instructions for use (IFU)

Directions: For  transient  use as a saliva absorber. Pad produces a gel, a small amount of which may be released if manipulated. This is normal. The gel is non- toxic when used as directed. Pad is best when used in the vestibules, or floor of the mouth. For retraction, retract tissue and spray pad with water. Close resealable bag after removing Pads.

WarningFor use by a trained dental professional only. Position correctly in the mouth to avoid risk of swallowing. In the unlikely event of swallowing  seek medical assistance immediately. Do NOT leave patient unattended with pads in place. Be especially vigilant with children and infants under 5 years old. Do NOT use on confused patients, or those with restricted throat reflexes,or on patients with asthma or breathing difficulties.  Do not use on open wounds or damaged mucosa.

Rinse mouth and spit out as usual after treatment .