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Don't just take our word for it

Look what our customers are saying about Tongue'N Cheek

"It’s always the simple things that make a difference in our everyday practice. Your new Tongue’N Cheek Dental PADS have now become a staple in my tray set-up. With thousands of CEREC’s under my belt I find the PADS to come in quite handy for not only moisture control but for quick powder clean-up. I also use the units when performing Zoom-2 Bleaching as they work much better than all the conventional cotton rolls I have tried. They conform better to the sulcus, without dislodging the Zoom-2 retractor. Patients are more comfortable while having this procedure performed, and the light cure resin sticks better to them as well, making clean-up a snap.

Some would argue that it's all about saving time. That this is their benefit but I would say it’s the ease of use! For me anything that makes the patient more comfortable the assistant happier and my work experience easier well That’s a Winner!”

Sincerely, Dr. Steven J. Brattesani

"Our office is very impressed with the absorbency of Tongue'N Cheek PADS - our pediatric patients are happy to experiment with cotton rolls versus T&C PADS"

Kris Wood