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A Message For Cerec Owners

How Tongue'N Cheek Dental PADS Can Help

Dear Fellow Cerec Owner:

I am a Dentist in Wayne, New Jersey, and developed the Tongue’N Cheek® Dental PAD. I have owned the Cerec 3D for over 2 years. As you are well aware, doing a Cerec restoration is clinically demanding yet very rewarding. I have discovered that my product, Tongue’N Cheek® Dental PADS, has made doing Cerec’s easier and quicker for the dentist and more comfortable for the patient.

I would like to share with you how Tongue’N Cheek® Dental PADS have helped me in my own practice and how they can help you in yours. Moisture control is critical when powdering, picture taking, and cementing. I have found that cotton rolls don’t absorb enough to allow me to powder and take the picture. Saliva ejectors don’t cut it and are not necessary when using Tongue’N Cheek® Dental PADS.

I don’t know about you, but I find the cementing of the Cerec to be the most challenging portion of doing a Cerec. We are faced with time constraints of the setting cement, cleaning up of the excess uncured cement, and all of the instruments that we have in the patient’s mouth. Who wants to worry about saliva contamination? Nothing absorbs as much as Tongue’N Cheek® Dental PADS.

I am not the only one who feels this way. Dr. Steven Brattesani of San Francisco writes,

“With thousands of Cerec’s under my belt, I find the PADS to come in quite handy for not only moisture control but for quick powder clean-up . . . Some would argue that it’s all about saving time . . . but I would say it’s the [ease] of use! For me, anything that [makes] the patient more comfortable, the assistant happier, and my work experience easier, That’s a Winner!”

If you would like to give it a try, Tongue’N Cheek® Dental PADS are available in a pack of 200 pads. They are available through most dealers.

Thank you.

Bruce S. Fine DDS